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China focused & globally active company involved in wholesales activities across wide range of categories.


About us

Purple 9 Limited is established in 2010 and located in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.
We are focused on middle and large-scale wholesales projects. Our tactics is based on statistical analysis, wide network of partnerships and deep knowledge of China e-commerce regulations.

We invite global brands to take advantage of our comprehensive sales strategy through various types of partnership agreements

Core values

Unconditional transparency

Reputation is priceless. We value investment of trust into our organization and protect it with highest standards of ethics.

Long term thinking

Wholesale trade is a complex world where rapid change is common. The one aspect separating opportunists from professionals is long term thinking. We base it on market analytics, e-commerce statistics and continuous hunt for trends that can be turned into long term projects.

Extra mile towards excellence

Due to technology. global wholesales business is an accumulation of relatively transparent markets where opportunism and arbitrage trade flourish. Our mission is to offer solutions that bring long term stability and avoids competition.


Our aim is to establish deep cooperation with brands and buyers. We seek to do more than sell a product. Our goal is to sell a solution that functions above competition and generates long term value to key beneficiaries.




People don’t buy WHAT you do; they buy WHY you do it. And what you do simply proves what you believe.

- Simon Sinek


By nature, we are traders who enjoy the art of deal making. With unmatched potential, complexity and sophisticated e-commerce infrastructure, China market belongs to the creative ones - to those that are brave to explore unknown paths and come up with winning ideas.



Statistical data analysis generated within e-commerce infrastructure and offline sales channels.


Identification of trends, rapidly growing categories, rise of new product segments


Agreement with a brand owner or distributor


Preparation for aggressive market entry


Implementation and execution


Key values for global brands:

  • be the main beneficiary of customized supply chain
  • stay protected from parallel trade negative impact
  • be in charge of who and how tells story of you brand
  • obtain a long-term strategy and avoid becoming a temporary consumer trend

Key values for china buyers:

  • local business experience and flexibility
  • full product traceability
  • authorization and distribution rights
  • supply chain funding options